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Bittersweet beach bits

Hiya sweets

Yours truly has just returned from a physically and mentally exhausting getaway.

Me and a significant went to a beautiful beach in Sukabumi, West Java for a few days. Basically we vegetated, swam and cooked dinner at one point (the main ingredients went missing on the way back to the hotel, but as they say, improvising-and stealing a few shallots, garlic and turmeric from the hotel’s fridge) is the key.

The beach was beautiful if you can take less notice of the garbage scattered in its shores. I think, though, that the particular side of the beach we swam in weren’t much taken care of because it wasn’t the part where people often go to. The part just a few meters away was cleaner because it was right in front of a touristy villa. But the waters, as I am told, is nicer on the part we swam in.

And the hotel, oh the hotel! it was wonderfully whimsical and weird.

The guy who built it was apparently inspired by cats in the hats. it had a crazy watchtower, mozaic-like walls in some parts, ridiculous architecture in general, gorgeous knick-knacks from all over the world such as Indian statues, vintage bar signs and colored bottles hanging all over the place, and it stands on top of a tall, tall hill. thus the ocean view was aawwweesooommee.

But it had a few downs though.

Maybe cos it wasn’t mad season so some parts of it are either currently renovated or in need of TLC. The jacuzzi wasn’t working and was dirty (and I discovered that when I already sat in its waters…*shudders*), some of the mattresses laid out on the decks and watchtowers definitely needed washing, and the toilet on the third floor wasn’t working (don’t ask how I knew), and most of the game stuff, such as the pool table and air hockey table, were broken.

Oh and the walk to and from the beach made me realize how I was regarding my fitness way too high. The nice view came with ridiculously steep walks, which got me huffing and puffing.It was a sad sight.

But it’s really worth to check out. The Jakarta Globe had a nice piece about it here, and here’s the website of the place.

We went by public transportation. Yes, car people, you CAN go on a holiday to Pelabuhan Ratu without your own wheels. Take the express train to Bogor, go to Baranangsiang bus station, take a bus to Pelabuhan Ratu bus station and take an ojek there. Tell them you want to go to Karang Aji Villa, near the Ocean Queen resort, in Cisolok. It should cost around Rp 200,000 for transportation to and from Jakarta.

Now since the trip also included a draining goodbye and lots and lots (we’re talking drama here) of streaming tears, I’ll leave you fellas to have your beach getaway. Right now, the sound of the waves will only turn me into a soppy, babbling, idiot. I hope things’ll work out though 😦


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