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Still riding the retro wave. Archie comics were a memorable part of my childhood. They taught me to read and draw as well, before the manga takeover. Sure they’re kinda cheesy but I can’t help falling in love again with the just-cuddle-and-kiss-with-no-tongue-action-even-when-left-alone-in-the-house makeout concept so prevalent in the stories. Ah, the innocence.
This is what’s left of my Archie-dom:

The so-called collection of mine

Only one of that comic book covers actually has something to read inside. The other ragged two are just remains of what used to be an everyday read.

But hold on, Archie-dom is not exactly the right jargon because the male persona that charmed me in the series is not the clumsy, girl-crazy, freckled red-head, but his aloof, burger-crazy, pointy-nosed best friend: Forsythe Pendleton Jones III, more popularly known as Jughead.

Sheesh, I think he might have been my first love!
Why? oh come on, he’s someone I could easily fall for in real life: lanky, apparently not interested in girls, no-nonsense, yet witty and often unexpectedly becomes the hero for those in need.
Plus, I think he would ultimately be the most loyal boyfriend on earth for the lucky girl. Just look at this attitude:

How many guys you know would do that with a beautiful blonde sitting with him on a couch? I would trust him anytime.
Just for eye candy, he looks cute here:

And Archie Comics have been experimenting with “new looks” for him as well as other characters:

So I would like to give him my own makeover, with a more updated style – at least according to the ones sported by the kids in my neighborhood anyway:

The 2010 Jughead makeover?

Hmm, I think he looks pretty comfortable with the silly print hoodie and slip-on shoes, although I don’t think he’d approve the skinny jeans..
And I gave him a Northern Soul tee cos he’s a jazz drummer anyway.
you think? (wink) yea, I’m a geek!


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I am not much of a dancer. I take wrong steps every now and then, but the mistakes can lead to laughter or lessons.

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