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Out of the woods

Why hello there,

deep, deep apologies for the recent rarity of posts. I simply hadn’t had time to whip up a decent plate of delicacies or even explore the treats in the local eateries.

Last month saw me flying to borneo. Despite the humidity, the forests were beautiful, and the cities were intriguing. There were thick Chinese influences, which I like. and so many colorful temples! take this one for example:

Yes, I know it’s skewed and uneven. I am not a very good picture taker.

Then there were the villages, laden with problems such as sanitation-came into the picture after the nearby river was polluted by chemical fertilizer from the greedy, fast farming system, of course, they also had charms of their own. um, this little fella even:


I got to ride a bike past a rice field and a temple, without being frightened out of my wits of speeding cars..ok, I was a BIT jumpy, since it was my first bike riding moment in a place that was not a suburbian housing complex, but still, if you compare it to the big city I live in…

I ate interesting food too. There was this rich vegetable porridge called Bubur Padas..they say the concoction takes dozens of types of vegs! A recipe on the net sadly mentioned the usage of fatty meat for flavoring, but I’m sure it could be skipped. The porridge is not quite picture worthy despite its lovely spicefulness. There was also this traditional food made from pakis leaf but I didn’t get to try that. Most of the food sold there, however, were made from pork or had anchovies in them, so at times I survived on soy bars

On the very last day, however, I found a treasure cove. The Singkawang city has lots of temples, and thus..lots of Buddhist vegetarian restaurants. I helped myself to a colorful plateful:

You can eat something as purple as that! its sweet potato. I also went on a shopping frenzy and bought stuff like shroom stock, tofu mock meat and vegetarian instant noodles and snacks.

Lastly, if you crave something sweet, you can go to this street where they sell traditional, colorful (um, I have no idea what they used for coloring) snacks in stalls. Kue! at night! in Jakarta, you can only get this much Kue in the morning 😀


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