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Oh Julia!

The real Julia Child

A quiet, rainy night and second day of period calls for comfort flick. And guess what I picked, a movie about food.

Julie & Julia, starring Meryl Streep and Amy Adams, is a feel-good. It was based on two true stories: the first about the famed chef Julia Child, and the second of Julie Powell: a cubicle worker/aspiring writer approaching 30 who finds cooking a highly pleasurable way to vent out her frustration from her daily job, and more than that. She is particularly fond of Child’s methods of cooking. Feeling the need to actually finish something she started in life, she whipped up a blog of her one-year challenge to cook over 500 recipes from Child’s cookbook: Mastering The Art of French Cooking.

Streep is brilliant, although from what I saw on YouTube the real Child was more business-like and less giggly. Amy Adams is adorable, although if you look at the REAL blog, you’d think the real Powell was more edgy and, yes, used the ‘f’ word much more often. Although I believe people might have an alter ego in cyber world (I am much less nicer in real life mwahahahaha). And the food..mmm, all right, the movie was NOT vegetarian friendly at all. It featured pate! but well, it’s Julia Child and to make her a vegetarian cook would indeed be strange.

Spoiler ahead:

The ending was wonderful. It was realistic and sweet. People who wasn’t aware of the real story, me for one, would half expect Child to have dinner with Powell or something. Guess what, she didn’t and the ending still managed to be sweet.

However, I was a bit surprised at how lightly Powell took the fact that Child dislikes her blog (That was a bit strange! Child liked the Saturday Night Live parody of her ridiculously bleeding to unconsciousness while this girl was actually doing something in awe-at least that what the movie portrayed- of her! I wish this movie was made before she died in 2004, Child might’ve not so quickly dismissed the blog! see? now I’m getting emotional)

I mean, she did get upset but her recovery was quite uneventful. It was like ‘all night chatting to your hubby about it and then move on’. She had been obsessed with the lady since childhood and dedicated a whole year to following her path!

Anyway, aside from that and the dead animals, I really enjoyed the movie. And you know what’s touching? What Powell wrote on the blog when Julia Child passed away.And it made me think how easy it is to track down and connect the dots with the internet.. I can actually see the real Child, read the actual blog, and despite the movie not including Powell’s reaction upon Child’s death, I can track that down as well. If Powell had written a diary, or a book even, it wouldn’t be as simple as click-click.

And another thing, I actually felt another comradeship, of people who LOVES food. the movie made me want to cook and I might, might even consider taking up cooking more seriously. It made me feel that it’s ok to have food and cooking on your mind more often than most people do.

I know other food bloggers might feel the same too 😉


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