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Urap, the yummy, coconut-y veg concoction

I cooked sometime last week. It was one of my favorite dish: the urap, a lovely Indonesian answer to cooking the greens.I actually think it’s better than gado-gado because it’s crunchier, lighter and less messy.

You can use a variety of vegetables for the ingredients but I would recommend ones that are slightly bitter. I used bunches of spinach, cassava leaves, pakis (edible leatherleaves), bean sprouts, and Chinese long beans.This is variable. Just three kinds of vegs will do actually.

Other ingredients:

About four chilis (I used more)

2 shallots

4 garlic cloves

2 orange leafs

grated coconut from half a coconut- medium, not too young or too ripe, slightly drained of its juices

To make urap:

Spices first, grind (for me it’s mortar-and-pestle time but maybe you can use more modern ways?)the chilis,  shallots, and garlic cloves. add around 4 centimeters of orange leaves.

snap the leafs and young stems from the stems of vegs, snap the long beans to around 3 centimeters pieces.

Boil the vegs in water sprinkled with about one teaspoon of salt until they are slightly limp. this may take around 1 to 2 minutes for each veg. depending on what you’re cooking. beansprouts take only seconds to cook. drain the vegetables.

mix the ground ingredients with the grated coconut a bit before throwing the mix into a wok-no oil required- adding the rest of the orange leafs and blending them further until the coconut changes color.

You can choose to throw in the vegetables into the wok as well or serve them separately and mix it up in one’s own plate just before eating. Usually, this is served with fried fish but tempe or tofu will do just fine.

Have I said this before? I LOVE this dish. It’s great on a sunny day. Mmmm.oh, you can reduce or even omit the chili entirely, of course.


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