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wide-eyed heroines

I’ve been watching several movies with little girl heroines lately. I must admit, it’s a fresh change to sultry superwomen in tight suits or macho, gun-slinging men. And since I was once also a little girl with plenty of dreaming time, I can pretty much relate to the characters.

(spoiler ahead)

this guy certainly left an impression

For instance, there’s Ofelia or the “princess” in Pan’s Labyrinth. She battled a giant toad, a grotesque creature who eats little girls, and even a fascist general. I really enjoyed the movie, but personally I think some scenes were unnecessarily violent or too dramatic. Like, really, would the freedom fighters actually pause for a (very long) moment of silence, or wait outside oh so solemnly outside the labyrinth for the general to return with the baby? I think it would be a much more chaotic moment.

Then there’s Chihiro in Spirited Away. I love this one too. Such amazing characters! Although at some points while watching I couldn’t help thinking it was a bit of a Japanese version of The Wizard of Oz or Alice in Wonderland, but I was nevertheless swept away by its colorfulness. And that scene where the stink spirit entered the baths was hilarious.

LOVE the background scenery of Spirited Away!

But I think my favorite to this point is the heroine in The Fall. She’s adorable and the movie is a winner. While it bears some similarity to Pan’s Labyrinth-the parallel plot of real life and imagination- it differs in the way that the real world is presented as lacking in drama,apparently satisfied with mere snippets of emotions, thus reality is depicted as something much lonelier than the imaginary.

Of course Pan’s won me over partly because its set at a time when Franco reigned after the war, and because o

Just a few of the AMAZING costumes in The Fall

f its protagonists were the anarchists, but it was because of that two overwhelming situations both in reality and fantasy that made the latter prone to a bit of drama overdose.

Then ( I was sick for a few days, so I watched more movies than usual, which is..almost never) I watched Brothers Grimm, and during the first few minutes I thought it was the actual history of those tale tellers. However, it further evolved into a sort of Van Hellsing-like digestable horror movie. Ah well, impressive costumes and props.

Just for the sake of mentioning, I don’t really mind Valentina in The Imaginarium of Dr Parnassus, which had stolen a special place in my little “favorites” casket, not just for its cinematography and storyline but also for its wacky dialogues.

Sure she’s sultry and all grown up, but has the quirky face and loony attitude to make up for those 😀

She does look engaging


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  1. I absolutely adore watching the little girl in the Fall. She is so natural. Its one of my happy movies when I am feeling low. I also watched Dr Panassus. it was okay, but not much to rave about. I also enjoyed Pan’s Labyrinth. but I prefer the Devils Backbone.


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