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The Soup Spoon

I’ve been wanting to give the place a go since I read its promotional pamphlet. So one night after a busy shopping round I dropped by at The Soup Spoon for dinner with my friend Ananda Ayu.
I ordered one of their set menus. The “super value” scheme entitled me to either half a wrap, or a sandwich or salad, and an apple, or a muffin or a glass of ice lemon tea along with my bowl of soup.
My pick went out to the roasted pumpkin soup with sprinkles of almond on top. Along with that, I chose half a wrap with mushroom pesto filling and an apple.
My dining partner picked the meatless minestrone, an appetizing hubbub of veggies and red beans.
My meal was a hearty one. The soup was creamy and just slightly spicy. The pesto was ok, very mushroomy indeed, and I think it would do well with a dash of tangy dressing.
I sampled Ananda Ayu’s order and liked it as well. She said it was a bit too sour and I think it was the tomatoes.  I’m pretty sure it contained sour cream as well.
The place was less than impressive, for most part because its squeezed inside a mall. And we couldn’t really enjoy it for long because it was already late.
Despite the “value” menu, I found it was still too pricey for an everyday habit. The meal cost me around Rp 70,000 (gasp) or around US$7, but perhaps on a monthly basis…
The Soup Spoon
Ground Floor Citywalk Sudirman
Lower Ground Grand Indonesia


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