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A place promised in our early days

So much for weekend dates. I finally had my first taste of being a solo moviegoer. Never mind, the flick was worth it anyway (sticks tongue out).

The movie, its Japan title Kumo no Muko, Yakusoku no Basho, is set in an alternate version of Japan. Here, the country had been torn into two: One part being under the authority of the United States while the other by the “Union”.

Two junior high school boys living in the U.S part made a promise to assemble a plane and fly it to the beautiful and imposing white tower constructed by the Union. They were both attracted to a girl, who also felt a deep connection with a tower.

After high school, all three went on different paths. One worked at the defense research center, still trying to uncover the secrets of the tower, which apparently holds the key to an alternate world, another became alienated in his daily life as a student, and the girl vanished.

Actually she just fell asleep. Literally. One day closed her eyes, went into her dream, and never returned. She was so afraid that she would lose something lest she awoke. What could that be?

Meanwhile, the war is approaching. The tower holds a strategic part in the nation, which is becoming more and more restless, disenchanted by the divide.

The movie, like most Japanese drama, is subtle and beautiful. The dialogs could get irritating sometimes, being repetitive and polite, and the girl is so sweet sometimes that she made me wince, but nevertheless I was deeply impressed.

“The world, like us, also dreams. The dreams are what we call the alternate reality.”


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