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Banana flower and coconut delight

Hello there! Please excuse the lame post title!

I would like to share another recipe. This time using a gem of ingredient, the banana flower!

now that's intimidating

The recipe calls for:

– one banana flower

-shredded coconut flakes from one coconut

-a handful of chinese green beans

-a ground spice mix of around 5 shallots and 3 chilis

First, deal with the banana flower. I discovered that it was a bit similar to artichokes in terms of texture, layer, and even the milky flavor. Peel away the skin until it looks like this. take away the small flowery bits at top.

Slice the banana flower into small pieces, around 2 by 3, roughly

Cutting the peeled banana flower

The flower contains sticky sap, which is not good for cooking and consuming, so get rid of the sap by placing the slices in a straining pot, running it over water while squeezing the sap out of the slices for around 3 minutes. just grab a bunch each time and squeeze it a few times under the running water.

Slice the green beans into some 5 mm sized bits. boil the bits shortly, around 2 minutes time

heat a wok or a frying pan. throw the shredded coconut in, then add the ground spice mixture, stir for a bit, then add the banana flower and the green bean.

and you’re done!

I’m looking forward to experimenting more with the flower. hmm, maybe it’ll even be good with melted butter?


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  1. Beautiful photos ! thanks for sharing the recipe.


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