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What a year!

So 2010 is over! It felt like yesterday when I went to dinner in Payon-a fancy Indonesian restaurant- with my girlfriends and had one of them drive me to the main road. 

It’s been an adventurous, memorable year. I traveled abroad for the first time, I explored some parts of this country as well. I had two post shifts in the office (I hope it wasn’t because I suck!) and I also watched lots of good movies and bands, tried some new recipes and tasted new food. Not to mention the new people I met or became closer with. 

My first blog posting was in December 2009, so this moment also marked roughly one year of Thoughts That Dance. My total number of posts had been 34 over those years, so that means less than three each month. 

I’m not actually proud of the number, especially if I compare it to some of my fellow bloggers. Nevertheless, I think I’ve tried. I won’t make any big promises for this year but at least I hope to keep this blog alive. 

How was 2010 for you?


About thoughtsthatdance

I am not much of a dancer. I take wrong steps every now and then, but the mistakes can lead to laughter or lessons.

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