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Tofu Opor

Remember my previous post on the Masakan Sehari-hari cookbook? well I did my first (and second, actually) try at one of their recipes. I picked Opor Tahu.

Opor refers to a dish cooked with savory coconut milk soup. It’s similar to padang curry in terms of its richness but it is not spicy at all.

When you say  “opor” it will  almost inevitably be followed by “ayam” or chicken. And I have always disliked the dish even before I became a vegetarian because I found it hard to tolerate chicken cooked in non-fried ways, especially with the bones still intact.

So when I found the recipe for tofu opor in this book I was delighted, because I liked the opor soup nonetheless. To have it without the chicken, even the scent of it, would be marvellous.

On the first try, the people who tasted it said it needed more salt. I personally think not, but it WAS lacking in kick, although I wasn’t sure how. The second try was better, but the soup was too rich and it ended up so savory that it reminded me of our ketupat ketan (rice cakes) we have for Idul Fitri celebration. But I think, all in all, I’ve gotten the hang of  it.


six cubes of yellow bandung tofu, or the firmest tofu you can find. cut into

Ingredients. The sorrel is the green little fruits beside the tofu

halves of triangles, fry.

one small potato (optional), peel, cut into medium-sized pieces, boil until half-done.

five bilimbi or tree sorrels (optional), make a gash along one side

three citrus leaves, torn

two salam (indian bay)leaves, torn

One stalk of lemongrass, hammered

750 cc of coconut milk (try not to have it too thick, although ready-bought ones are usually already the right consistency. i f too thick, thin with water)

Seasoning: Grind to a paste:

the paste. of course you can use blender and not mortar and pestle.

five small shallots

three cloves of garlic.

one table spoon of finely chopped galangal

one teaspoon of finely chopped ginger.

one teaspoon of finely chopped turmeric (optional)

three candlenuts, smashed and roasted (or fried without oil in a wok)

two teaspoons of coriander seeds, roasted 

half a teaspoon of cumin seeds, roasted

two  teaspoons (or adjust to taste) pepper , roasted

salt and a bit of sugar to taste.

heat up around two table spoons of oil.  sautee the paste, bay leafs, citrus leaves and lemongrass briefly until fragrant.

pour the coconut milk, let boil.

put in the tofu, potatoes and bilimbi. cook until soup thickens (around 10 minutes) .


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