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Europe, here we go: Rotterdam’s Bla-bla

One of Rotterdam's "icons": The cube houses-loved as well as hated by some.

So long, too long, since I have posted. And I am not even keeping my promise of adding break-fasting recipes. But it is on the list. Believe me.

So I am in the Netherlands now, in this city called Rotterdam. I am pretty sure that there is a lot of info on this “World Port, World City” in the internet, but if you would allow me to give a little  description on what it’s like.

Basically, don’t expect Amsterdam here. The city was bombed almost flat during the World War II. Only a handful of old, historical buildings remain intact. and instead of the adventurous and bohemian atmosphere that is Amsterdam, expect more business-like, no-frills attitude.

One of the more tranquil side of Rotterdam

So at first I was not very enthusiastic about it. But I am beginning to actually like Rotterdam. it’s like some people (Rotterdamers) said, you’d have to know the places to find the city’s hidden beauties. And indeed I have discovered some beautiful neighborhoods such as Kralingen, Oude Plantage, Delfshaven  and Schiebroek. There’s the funky Witte de Witstraat, and I have heard that the Boijmans art museum is excellent.

On one of the nights we decided to went out, we had dinner in Bla bla in Historich Delfshaven. The neighborhood was a few that escaped the bombing and had a quiet, old world atmosphere. Bla-bla itself is a cute place with the waiter being very friendly and explained the menu to us in English because they didn’t have the translation.

So many to choose from! yet we decided to go with an appetizer called lumpia, which is basically spring rolls. It’s a famous “Vietnamese” treat here although my Vietnamese friend said that she had never heard of it, and if there is such a thing, it is certainly not called Lumpia. In fact, it’s the term we use in Indonesia for roughly the same thing.

Appetizer-lumpia with sweet Japanese sauce

But anyway, names aside, the lumpia was a nice start. You can easily get some from a street stall and I have had bigger ones before but this one definitely had more zest in it. The accompanying sweet Japanese sauce was excellent as well.

Schotel for the main course

Then comes the main course. Choices choices! but we went for something that is quite Dutch: A schotel, which is basically baked pasta. This is also a popular dish in Indonesia. The one in Blabla was plain and served with fresh tomato sauce, lovely sauteed veggies in herby dressing, spinach-filled pastries and three kinds of  cheese.

closing appetizer: nut wontons.

We were thinking of getting dessert but then I saw another tempting appetizer, which was deep fried wonton parcels filled with assorted nuts. My thing for nuts didn’t disappoint. It was a great, albeit unconventional, way to end a meal. The sweet-and-sour sauce was yummy too.


Piet Heynsplein 35, Rotterdam


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