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Rotterdam part 2: Viva Afrika!

One night I wanted African food. That’s because I haven’t actually tasted African food in my life and I have passed Viva Afrika several times and was curious to try it, and also because I was just in the mood for (what I hope to be) spicy food.

Viva Afrika is located in a street with plenty of cool shops and cafes near Rotterdam’s China Town. From outside, it didn’t look like a big restaurants. In fact, it looked more like one of the “Coffee Shops” in the Netherlands with its colorful neon lightings and dark glass windows. However, the interior was another story. Despite retaining the colorful theme, its much cozier.

I was a bit nervous that they might not have vegetarian dishes, but although there was indeed much more meat dishes, some being unusual varieties like alligator meat or the sort, Viva Afrika actually has some vego options in the menu.

We went for what I recall as lentil curry soup with chutney, topped with cheese and chilli powder, served with buns. The chili powder was not as spicy as I hoped, but the soup served well as an opening dish.

For the main dish, there were two choices of Nay Tzom  vegetarian platters. we chose the one with okra and vegetable curry. The dish was eaten with Enjera-limp African flatbread.

It was exactly the taste I was looking for. Savory, spicy and rich. The okra was especially yummy and the bread was filling. With all that goodness, Viva Afrika should definitely add more vegetarian options to its menu, right?

Viva Afrika
 Nieuwe binnenweg 153 a/b , Rotterdam


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