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Bottom Bracket Dissection part 1 – Cranks

So we were trying to fix a bottom bracket of the Hallmark bike last week because the bike keeps making this clicking sound when pedaled. At the end of the day, the clicking won’t go away but I did discover that dissecting and re-installing the cranks takes extra care.

We used the special tool to remove the crank-the small one sort of like this:

From website, this is an Icetoolz brand

From website, this is an Icetoolz brand

We messed up the dustcap by using a – screwdriver instead of trying with a coin, which is probably gentler.

Using my memory and this very helpful video:


this is what I came up for a step-by-step guide to removing cranks.

a. Remove the dustcap as gentle as you can.

b. Remove the bolt just under the dustcap. Using that thing on the left-hand side: a 14 mm driver. Installed on the top part displayed on the picture. Using a wrench, uninstall using anti clockwise method as usual.

c. make the two ends (the grey “nut” and “bolt” at the bottom of the tool) in line with each other.

d. screw it in (“thread” it in, actually) gently into the crank part with your hands just until its tight enough.

e. now screw the other end (top end, with the driver installed) in with a wrench. This is probably two wrongs making a right in bicycle universe. You do double clockwise actions to remove the crank.

f. It will gradually feel much easier. Now remove the crank remover. Anti clockwise using a wrench.

g. Uninstall the crank.

What we did then was remove the insides of the bottom bracket -ball bearings and all – cleaned them and smeared some grease. But I will go through that in another post.

Re-installing the crank is quite easy and didn’t call for the Crank-Remover (well-duh, they would’ve called it a Crank-Remover-Installer if it had now, wouldn’t they?). But the video reminds us that we should make sure its in tight enough so that the cranks  doesn’t eat away the spindle and the bracket in general.






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