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That clicking when you pedal

One of the problems I have been experiencing with my newly constructed ride was a clicking sound (and sensation) on the right hand pedal, especially when I put a lot of pressure.

When I first mentioned the problem to one of the volunteers at the bike shed, he told me that the clicking, while felt on the pedal, can come from various sources, including chains, gears or the bottom bracket, so I expected to spend at least one whole day figuring out the source.

But last week I discovered that the problem was indeed coming from the pedal itself. phew. And so it only took around 40 minutes to take care of that.

I was already planning to change my pedal, because I didn’t like the look of the one I was using, but  I am told that I  can try fixing the problem by simply putting some lubricant on the part that connects it to the crank:
Imagethe best way to do this would be to hold the pedal with the part connecting it to the crank (the spindle) facing you (like the position of the pedal on the left-hand side displayed in the pic), squeeze some lubricating liquid into the nut-like part, then threading the spindle with your finger, so that the liquid can go inside the pedal.

To remove the pedal, I used a tool that looked something like this:

ImageAnd it did not take much force – I simply grabbed the “nut” part and gave it a little twist. As the rule of the thumb goes, things go a bit weird on the left pedal, because you rotate clockwise to remove and vice versa.

However, the  helpful video below shows that some pedals can be removed using a different tool, which is  “hex” (hexagonal) in shape.

So right now I am using a different pedal, sort of “vintage” type, as the "vintage" pedalsweb description says. The person who helped me fix the problem in the bike shed said she dislikes this type because it’s less gripping. I am yet to affirm this.

She gave me a tip. As I was digging for used pedals, I had to look for decent ones, and one of the things to do when scavenging  is to make sure that the pedal’s connecting part (the spindle) rotate smoothly but is not wobbly.


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