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Somewhere/a new future/one of darkness and light will be born / There will be darkness and light/battle and hope / life and death / happiness and sadness / everything will happen again
I understand now why you seek my powers / It’s because you feel for it / The same way I feel about my friends and the people I love / We are all from lonely stars / and we seek to gather together as one
I will seek you out / I will embrace you all

(translation from

That’s not an extract from a Sufi or Buddhism book, but a quote from the final chapter of the Sailor Moon manga by Naoko Takeuchi.

Yes, yes, Sailor Moon’s tremendous popularity has probably led to many only knowing about miniskirts, fetishes and ridiculously long transformation of the sailors, but all that aside, it (especially the manga version) is still pretty awesome. Partly because of quotes like above.
I recently read that Takeuchi-sensei worked as a mika (priestess) in a temple when she attended university, where, if I remember correctly, she studied chemistry.


I first came across her work in the translated form of ‘The Cherry Project’, and I fell in love with her drawing and narration style. The delicate lines, the painstaking details, the subtle words. There were also elements that I was instantly drawn to: the city skylines, the fashion, the pretty boys.

In Takeuchi-sensei’s manga, the world is romantic, glamorous and sexy. As a matter of fact, her works can be quite sexual, and even the appeal of Sailor Moon to children could not stop that. It can be controversial at times – remember the lesbian characters in Sailor Moon? –  but also somewhat naive, and, again, romantic. I get the feeling that she just loves the female body and loves to celebrate it, either by dressing them in nice clothes or just having them naked.

In the last authors’ note she said ‘when you are all grown up, read this again. You will get a different impression.’

Damn right. As with the manga I discussed before, ‘Haikara-san ga Tooru’, there are so many things in the story that you took for granted when you were a kid or a teenager. Although my opinion remains unchanged, sometimes the Sailor Moon storyline just repeats itself with different enemies (How many times have Tuxedo Kamen been kidnapped and brainwashed?).

Takeuchi-sensei is married now, and hopefully happy and healthy. But I read that some of her recent works (Love Witch and PQ Angels) didn’t quite work out for her 😦 Maybe it’s hard after you did something as successful as Sailor Moon? But she really shouldn’t worry about that! She is too awesome to worry!

Anyway, it’s her birthday today. Tanjoubi Omedetto, Takeuchi-sensei! Take care! Hope to see you someday!


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