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Forgotten Worlds in Collingwood

Being in a bar when you don’t drink alcohol can be a bit of a bore. I do have a few bars I actually enjoy being in, thanks to other factors at play there, such as the food or the music. Examples in Melbourne are the Pinnacle in Fitzroy North – good food and interesting DJs and live music, Grumpy’s Green in Fitzroy (Nice stage and all eco-friendly with used materials and lots of Vegan options), and The Grace Darling hotel. I am adding another one to the list, and this one is quite special really, to the point that it might just be sitting on top of it. The name is Forgotten Worlds, and it is nestled in Johnston Street, Collingwood. It has plenty of stuff that may be too weird for others but made it work well for me. Forgotten Worlds sign First of all, FW’s interior channels a specific point in time, in which geometric, flat, pastel desk lamps-and other furniture for that matter- are considered cutting edge and analog answering machines are hi-tech. Being my age and from a developing country, I actually remembered thinking that they were, at one point in my life, classy and cool. So it’s an interesting sensation.   Second, I have been in a situation where I think a coffee-or even tea- would be GREAT, at least, to make me more tolerant of the drunken chatter and state of minds of the people I am with. But, alas, the bar doesn’t have any coffee or tea, or they refuse to make one because its past that hour. The same goes for food. And it is a pain in the derriere to go out of the bar to actually look for those things. espresso But not in the Forgotten Worlds.

As long as the bar is open, the espresso machine is too. Since it is an (drum roll) Arcade/Bar/Espresso joint! I am not a coffee snob so can’t do a detailed explanation or critic of the soy latte I had. But it is certainly better than what I can whip up. And next door is a pizza place from which you can order munchies of your choice – pizza, kebabs, chips, even dessert. All right, its not ultra healthy, boutique cuisine, but hey it’s actually open till 11. I think they’ve made a great decision of skipping the food but providing coffee till late hours. It’s not so much pressure on the bar staff and less messier. But that might cause them to be quite dependent on Angelo’s (the pizza place). Forgotten Worlds interior 2

And now let’s move to the first element: Arcade. FW has several arcade machines, including Street Fighter (of course), Mortal Kombat, a shooting one, and..Golden Axe. Oh dear, what a throwback that was. The Street Fighter machine was, alas, broken, during my visit, and I have never been good at Mortal Kombat. But Golden Axe was fun.

I would suggest that they provide more games/rotation of games, and maybe more games that are not necessarily arcade ones. What about comic books? board games? pinball?

Forgotten World Interior


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