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Cycling Craze Gives Birth to New Category

Beautiful bikes at the shed

Beautiful bikes at the shed

If anyone at all have been following this blog up to now (wouldn’t blame anyone for not doing that  since it has been ridiculously long  time since I last updated it), you will notice:

a. the changing theme.

b. re-organizing of categories and the appearance of the “bicycle diaries” category.

For (a), I just think it’s time for a re-vamp and WordPress now has so many nifty themes that it’s just proper that I pick one.

and (b) well…I am tidying up the categories so they fall more into the “categories” category rather than “tags”. So I lumped all food-related post (recipes, restaurants, whatnots) to “Food”, artworks by me, artworks by others and other arty stuff to “Arts”, reviews of books, movies, concerts to “Reviews” and so on.

And yes, there’s the “bicycle categories”. I recently took up bike fixing/building and I am still shit at it but I am learning as I go, volunteering at this awesome place called Bikeshed at CERES .

So it is basically an initiative to help promote cycling and re-cycling (ha!) bicycles. There you’ll find free tools to borrow (not to take home), volunteers that will help you fix your bikes or give other cycling-related advices, and a huge pile of used bikes and bike parts. Most of the parts are free since they are donated, and the bike prices vary according to its condition. It can be as cheap as $50 but that means it needs a lot of work done on it.

The bike shed, as the name suggests, is located in a community environmental park called CERES, which also houses a nursery, cafe, garden/farm, and a think-tank/lab for green energy and eco-friendly living.
It will be a long time apparently before I can actually be of any use there but I hope the notes I keep from my days there will help me accelerate the learning process.

Cheers! Bike Punx!


Respects to Tura

One of the female figures I respect highly in this world has passed away today. A very sad news indeed. 

Tura Satana, the gorgeous, courageous and friendly martial arts expert, actress and burlesque dancer, died at 72 in her home. 

People might know her especially for her role in Faster, Pussycat, Kill, Kill! and other Russ Myer’s cult movies. However, it’s her real-life stories that got me admiring her. She was raised as a minority in a “mafia part” of town of Chicago. According to her, distaste towards Orientals (she was partly Japanese and Filipino) were immense. She was harassed often and one day, according to her website, she decided to take on at once five girls who kept on picking on her on her way home from school. 

She won. 

A wikipedia entry on her also mentioned that she was gang-raped once. She decided to learn martial arts and bludgeoned them each 15 years later.

The rape, which never saw the perpetrators sentenced,  also got her sent to reform school. She ended up joining a gang that kicked ass there. 

She rocked. She rocks. 

She was also constantly making updates on facebook, and the last video I saw of her (she must be at least 68 then) depicted her smashing a vase with her bare arms. 

I have been wanting to post something on her wall to tell her that she was an inspiration for me, but I kept pondering if I should, thinking that she already has a cult of followers. 

I regret not doing that. This won’t make up to it, but I’ve also been planning to make an entry about her since a long time ago. 

You’re amazing, Tura! I am proud to share a birthdate with you.

Ps. A movie about her is underway. I hope it does her justice.