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Cycling in Melbourne-Part 1- Chinatown

Oh my God, watercolor, you can be so hard to govern you’d make Bakunin jealous.

I finally finished the first in my ‘Cycling in Melbourne’ series of artworks. I can’t say I am thoroughly satisfied, but at a point you just have to stop before you do more damage.

Cycling in Melbourne - Chinatown

This one is inspired by Melbourne CBD’s ‘Chinatown’ district, which extends from roughly one end of Little Bourke Street to the other.


Cycling in Melbourne Part 1 – Chinatown

Cycling in Melbourne Part 1 - Chinatown

This is posted with the hopes of me actually finishing it as well as other drawings in the series (they’re all in my head right now. Aggggghh)

So anyone know the best way to color manually? I like the boldness of acrylic but that is not very applicable on paper.