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Window to Sydney

Please excuse my ignorance if this doesn’t reflect the Sydney you know 😀Window to Sydney


Cycling in Melbourne Part 1 – Chinatown

Cycling in Melbourne Part 1 - Chinatown

This is posted with the hopes of me actually finishing it as well as other drawings in the series (they’re all in my head right now. Aggggghh)

So anyone know the best way to color manually? I like the boldness of acrylic but that is not very applicable on paper.

Kali-an effort


an Interpretation


The story of the goddess Kali is very inspiring, as with her character. 

This is my effort to try to picture her. I didn’t use the bowl or vessel to store the demon’s blood, but used her tongue instead. I’ve seen several depictions of her in the tongue-devouring-blood but couldn’t find them now.